Five Reasons Why Video Blogging Sucks

Five Reasons Why Video Blogging Sucks


I had no idea this video blogging thing was going to be more work than writing. I guess duh, though, right? At first I thought I’d be able to just orate into the video camera and out would pop a well organized video on life.

No. No, that’s not how it happens.

For the last post on Stress, Anxiety, & Relaxation, I recorded something like 60 minutes of unorganized commentary before I realized that I was still gonna have to write first, then practice, then record, and then edit! Chyea, it’s way more work. But hopefully you like the addition of my facial expressions and voice (?!?). If you don’t, let me know because I’ll go back to writing. And, my apologies for the choppiness of my edits. I’m new at this, obviously.

For you attention deficit readers out there (no offense, I’m one of you), enjoy the following numbered list of quippy copy. Buzzfeed, eat your heart out.

Five Reasons Why Video Blogging Sucks

  1. You are talking to yourself. Actually, worse, you are talking to your computer. Like it’s a live person who is interested in what you are saying.
  2. Since you’re commiserating with a piece of technology who gives zero feedback and even less of a shit, you have no idea if what you are saying is interesting in the first place.
  3. You then watch yourself, over and over, weird mannerisms and crooked mouths and snotty nose and all, editing out an absurd number of ums and suddenly aware of the lighting in and around your dwelling space.
  4. Here’s the capper. You then post this possibly uninteresting, probably only slightly sensical, definitely awkward video of YOURSELF on the INTERNET for THE WORLD to see.
  5. And finally…THE WORLD turns out to be between 27 and 100 people, as evidenced by the number of views on your YouTube Channel.

Le sigh. But I shall persevere.

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2 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why Video Blogging Sucks

  1. Hi Quinn! I think you should stick with the video blogging, i’m sure everyone starts out with just a few viewers before it catches on. I thought the video I watched on stress and anxiety was really good, very insightful, and interesting to watch. I think more so than if I was just reading it. I’m looking forward to more of them! love, Leigh

    1. Thank you, Leigh! Seriously, thank you. It’s been an interesting endeavor (all of blogging), but I really do like doing it…sharing in this way. Let me know if you have any requests, I work from prompts. :)

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