On Being Tense


I was at this party yesterday reminiscent of my past work life, and had a crazy Quinn time in my head. Now it’s out of my head, and so I’ll share it with you.

What I was experiencing was a huge amount of anxiety, both my own and everyone else’s. The atmosphere was so freaking tense! The party was full of people who were very friendly and kind and ripe with interesting conversation, but amidst the good times there was so much toe tapping, nervous laughing, and just general anxiety. And, the capper here is, I’m pretty sure most people didn’t even realize it. It’s just that their group culture is steeped in high anxiety; being tense is the status quo. So if you’re just run of the mill highly anxious you’re “normal” and there’s really nothing to be concerned about, or with which to juxtapose your state of being (i.e., that person is calm…I seem to be different from that person…that’s weird, what is different? Oh, I must be pretty stressed out. And, as another aside, if ever I do realize I am stressed out then there’s this really easy way of coping with that and it is immediately forgetting I remembered I’m stressed and stuffing it down really deep, somewhere in my shoulders or hips, to free up more brain space to go on about becoming even more stressed out because “I just can’t deal with that right now.”)

We all need to just hang out in some hip openers and release all that shit. For you yogis or people with Google image search – recommended poses: reclining butterfly, pigeon, cow face OR eye of the needle, dragon, savasana. Stay in the first four 3-5 minutes each side or as long as you can, keep breathing. Stay in savasana as long as you want. Read this if you want some ideas on what to do while your thinking brain has a field day.

Mentally making room for more stress is a great way to a heart attack or stomach ulcer or something else that’s a complete waste of time. Stop for 30 minutes to breath and release and listen and I swear to you you’ll have all the answers. Or at least you’ll have enough answers pop up to keep you coming back to the stillness for more.

Just remember, it’s a practice and of course you’re not going to be great at it the first time you try. If you actually do want to try and want help, get in touch. I’m super happy to assist. Relaxing is awesome and life changing, I am living proof.

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2 thoughts on “On Being Tense

  1. So, is the goat in a runner’s lunge? Is that a recommended pose for decreasing tension? What if I just want some greener grass? How can I not get a little tense about getting some grass while I’m on this lease?! Why am I on this lease!?!

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