Practice: Seeing Yourself in Unflattering Moments

Practice: Seeing Yourself in Unflattering Moments

This is a practice that is good for seeing yourself in unflattering moments (or emotionally charged moments, like angry or lonely, or when you’re ready to snap and flip shit). The moment you find yourself in this space, follow the instructions below.


Relax your brain. Relax the space between the eyebrows, unfurrow your brow. Allow your eyebrows to sink down the face. Close your eyelids, relax your eyes. Travel inward between and behind the eyes up towards the center of the brain. Relax there. Expand. Space in your brain!


That’s all, you don’t have to do anything else after that. Just go on with your life. There’s no three-step goal setting process or chastising or journal writing or commitment that needs to be done after you relax the brain, unless you want to. Just…notice whatever it is you noticed, relax the brain, move on. It’s subtle, but it works. It manifests change from a place of compassion, to put it in yoga speak.

Get with me if this doesn’t make sense and you want it to. I’ll help.

quinn [at] openawarenessyoga [dot] com

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