Generating Inspiration, in Action!

I’m sitting at my dining room table allowing my brain to mellow so something creative will come out of me. Trying my hand at generating inspiration. It’s one life circumstance (I almost typed “problem,” but that’s the wrong word) I come up against a lot. If I don’t feel inspired, I don’t create. But, I […]

Practice: Seeing Yourself in Unflattering Moments

This is a practice that is good for seeing yourself in unflattering moments (or emotionally charged moments, like angry or lonely, or when you’re ready to snap and flip shit). The moment you find yourself in this space, follow the instructions below. Instructions Relax your brain. Relax the space between the eyebrows, unfurrow your brow. Allow […]

Notes on Meditation

I’ve been meditating in earnest now since January of this year and have spent some time chatting with other meditators, which has resulted in some thoughts on the topic. Meditation “styles” can be a bit overwhelming, no? There are all these different traditions and methods on how to do it, and a lot of different […]