Vulnerability and Authenticity

Heyo Friends!

Watch below to hear me talk about my this whole idea of vulnerability and authenticity, how I’ve experienced these concepts, and how they relate.

From a personal standpoint, the most vulnerable I’ve felt in a long time was writing my recent post about the traumatic death of my beloved puppy girl, Olive. I cried while I wrote it and had to wait a week before I could read it again to edit it. I was no where near over the loss when I selected the photos and published the piece. It was fresh, it was raw, it was my real emotion and pain out there for the world to see (and the risk was…for the world to judge). What was the result of sharing that post?  I was given an enormous amount of love and support, inspired folks to share their stories of love and loss, and helped facilitate an extra puppy cuddle or two from grateful parents of healthy (and not so healthy) animals.

In short, being vulnerable facilitated human connection.

WOAH, that is powerful!!

And through the grief, I was able to find joy. Joy in that connection. And I know little Olive would have been super happy more people were loving and cuddling. It was sort of her thing.

Regarding authenticity – I’ve come up with an idea that seems to make sense:

Consistent vulnerability over time results in an authentic person.

Watch for more on vulnerability and authenticity in the video below.

Let me know what you think about this, your experiences with vulnerability, what “being authentic” means and looks like to you, whatever you’re inspired to share.

Truly, truly, I love you. Thanks for being here, thanks for supporting me, thanks for watching me figure things out, and thanks in advance for joining in the conversation (with me online or with anyone else). We’re all figuring these things out together. Words are words, experience is real. Do share.

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